Cold River Press is now accepting submissions for their yearly anthology, VOICES. This year's theme is AN OFFERING OF FRUIT.

Is there intelligent life out there? Are we alone in the universe? If there is something out there, what would it want? Would it want to help us evolve, or enslave us, or perhaps destroy us? Or would it simply want us to first offer it a token gift, perhaps a gift of fruit, and
nothing more?

With all that is going on in the world these questions, questions that have been asked for ages and ages, remain unanswered. What do you have to say?

Please send all submissions to

Please send files as either a PDF, or .DOC file with ALL of your submissions in ONE file.

Submissions included in the body of an email will be rejected.

Do not send us submissions with corrections notated in the margins of your document or sticky notes explaining what you want us to correct. Fix it and correct it and then send it to us.

Please let us know who you are and if you are wanting to be published under another name. We cannot know to do this if you don't tell us.

While we prefer unpublished work we always accept previously published work with indication of where, and when, the piece was FIRST published.

The theme, if you will, is fairly large in what it might encompass. If you do not think you have something along the theme's line take some time to think about the enormity of what is, or is not, out there. We bet something will come to mind.

This is NOT a solicitation for manuscripts. If you have a book you think we might be interested in publishing, send us a query letter and we will go from there. If you send us an unsolicited manuscript without a letter of inquiry we will offer it up to the gods for their amusement, but that's about it.

All contributors receive a complimentary copy of the book upon publication and a greatly reduced discount from retail price if more are needed. International shipping rates might be additional and all mail restrictions due to the unique circumstances of each foreign country are beyond our control, in which case the writer will receive a PDF of the book.

We look forward to seeing what you have to say. Again, please send
all submissions to

Deadline for submissions:
June 1, 2021





Dreams, Desires, Delusions

Lelania Fowler

Tom Hedt

Borders And Boundaries
Bill Pieper

The Distance Between Us
jim bourey

An Anthology

Rungs Of The Ladder
Phil Weidman

Windows Of Time & Place
Taylor Graham

Tough Enough
Poems From The TOBs

The Order Of Events
Wagner &  Alexander

Sacramento Voices

Crazy John Poems
A. D. Winans

Simple Sweetness
Barbara West

D. R. Wagner

Sacramento Voices

D. R. Wagner

Sharon Gariepy Frye

Sacramento Voices

Taylor Graham

Spider Season
Susan Kelly-DeWitt

In Chaparral
Wendy Williams

West Of Angels
Allegra Silberstein

The Near Enough
Michael Keith

Silva Zanoyan Merjanian
National 2015 Book Winner

Forgive Me Father
 Bill Pieper

Sacramento Voices 2014
Edited by Phillip Larrea

Sacramento Voices 2015
Edited by Phillip Larrea

Remembering Eternity
D. R. Wagner

Bones, Skin & Soul
David Iribarne

Out Of Reach
Cynthia Linville

We The People
Phillip Larrea


In The Rear View Mirror
Phil Weidman

D. R. Wagner



The Lost Thing
Cynthia Linville

Sacramento Voices

Black Ink Junkie
Dave Boles


The View From Mt. Aukum
Ben Hiatt

Homage To A Word
Dave Boles

Phoenix Fire
Tim O'Laughlin


Some Sort Of Easy Life
Mark Weber

Dave Boles


A Small Answer To
A Large Question
Dave Boles



Do Aluminum Chickens
Eat Metal Feed?
Dave Boles


You Tore Us
Meri St. Mary

Media Dissertation
Of A Balding Man
Dave Boles


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New Release!!!!


102 pages of beautiful poetry, illustrated with Helen Plenert's wonderful illustrations and a vibrant cover from Helen that captures the essence of Sue's work.

6 x 9, Perfect Bound



FREE shipping within the Continental United States

When you read these poems you will realize you have stepped “into the abyss of deep space” and you will ask yourself, as the speaker in one of Sue Daly’s poems does: “could this be astral travel?” Here “boundaries of time twist into/the past, present, and future” as the poems grapple with the struggles between joyousness and despair, suffering and forgiveness--as they become a kind of survival manual, but one “that turned into song...keeping the music ever new, / every note a devotion.”

~ Susan Kelly DeWitt, author of Gravitational Tug

We’ve all had those magical moments when we open ourselves to life and little things take on deep meaning, when a small gesture opens the vault of memory, a blustery insight lifts a shroud of despair, a courageous step takes us to the precipice of joy, or when we crack open a book and read the exact words we need to hear at the time. In Language Of The Tea Leaves, Sue Daly captures such moments brilliantly and, like a tea master tasting life’s varietals, the poems she leaves behind on the page are worth a fortune.

~ Nick LeForce, The Transformational Poet

Just as drinking a cup of tea has a stimulating effect on the body, Sue Daly’s new book of poems, Language Of The Tea Leaves, awakens and inspires the human spirit with an overwhelming sense of resolve. Filled with beauty and the grace of gorgeous, lyrical verse, this collection bids a rekindling of the soul. “I’m not some platitude-giving person / I’m a call at two-in-the-morning / when-you-can’t-breathe person.” Captivating imagery and metaphor nourish these pages infused with healing and forgiveness; “the sea forgave/ buried our wounds/ beneath the blue.” With themes ranging from love to the pandemic, Daly carries us through a sometimes dreamlike yet always hopeful journey, prompted by a curative voice that will restore one’s faith in humanity.

~ Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas, author of Epitaph for the Beloved